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    Health precautions

Health precautions

Our commitments
Cleanliness and hygiene have always been a central concern for our establishment. The health crisis that we have gone through has made it necessary to reinforce hygiene rules as well as to introduce new precautions. To protect its customers and staff, our establishment is committed …

Our commitments

Cleaning and disinfection of rooms and common areas

The rooms are completely disinfected at the departure of each guest.

Frequently touched surfaces are disinfected several times a day throughout our premises with antiseptic wipes, disinfectants or bleach solutions: door handles, worktops, desks, bedside tables, stair railings, flush buttons, toilet seats, switches, remote controls and computer keyboards. The cleaning staff is systematically equipped with masks and gloves. Used gloves are discarded and replaced between each room.

Use and free distribution of prevention materials
Dispensers for hydro-alcoholic solution and disinfectant wipes have been installed in the common areas, at the reception, in the kitchen, in the service rooms and in the bedrooms.

A bottle of hydroalcoholic gel is offered to each guest upon arrival.

Masks and gloves are available free of charge on request.
Trained and strictly supervised staff

Our employees have been trained to follow strict prevention instructions: wash their hands with soap regularly, disinfect their hands when entering the house, cough or sneeze ina tissue or their elbow, use a single-use/disposabletissue, and respect social distancingguidelines as much as possible.

Kitchen staff work with masks and disposable gloves, which they change regularly.

Enhanced food safety
Employees who are in contact with foodstuffs (purchasing, cooking and service) have a Health Card issued and controlled by the
Moroccan administration.

All the foodstuffs we use come from suppliers subject to the same hygiene procedures as our establishment.

Fresh fruit and vegetables undergo a lightly chlorinated bath before being offered to the service.

The kitchen is equipped with a cleaning and disinfection plan, the correct daily execution of which is recorded in a compulsory register.

In the dining room, a safe distance is kept between the tables.

Meals and snacks can be served in the room upon request.

Secure airport transfers
The transport company that provides your airport transfers is bound to respect the rules of precaution: disinfected vehicles and trained drivers.