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Body care is one of the great specialties of Eastern cultures and Morocco, since the early days of the Moor dynasties, has fully integrated these practices into its art of living. Hammam, steam bath, massage, exfoliation, all these practis bring to the body not only hygiene and relaxation but they gradually build a better being, very useful in our time.

For your complete well-being, we offer a head-to-toe massage in a room dedicated to this purpose. With the use of argan oil with eucalyptus, lemon or lavender.


The hammam of Dar Daïf respects all the criteria of the traditional hammam “Hammam Beldi”.

Our hamman is composed of three rooms:

  • An entrance with its waiting room and its toilets.
  • A restroom with shower and toilet.
  • A changing room with a bench to lie down and relax after the hammam session.

The hammam has an intermediate room at a moderate temperature, with a vaulted stone ceiling,for you to be adapted  to the heat before entering the warm room. Also with a vaulted ceiling but a  warmer temperature and with water vapor.

This room is heated by a wood oven which is located just below  the water tanks. Two water tanks are indeed available to you in the hammam. One tank of cold water, and another of bubbling hot water to adjust it to your liking.

The principle of the traditional hammam is : you pour cold water into your bucket then you add hot water until you reach the right water temperature.

The outfit of  the hammam
You must come to the hammam with clean clothes or a bathrobe, and inside the hammam, you must wear a bathing suit.

The age limit
Traditionally in Morocco, few weeks old babies use the hammam,  just like old people, however in moderation for the hot room. If this activity is inadvisable by your doctor, care must be taken to comply with his or her instructions.

Hammam hygiene
The exfoliating glove made of rough fabric is for single use. You can therefore keep it after the hammam session.

Our hammam respects all the necessary hygiene measures. Thus the water flows to the ground through a central channel. The rooms are disinfected and rinsed after each session. At the start and the end of the day,  a main disinfection is carried out. Regularly, a “super disinfection” is carried out which includes floors, walls, vaults, hot and cold water tanks.

Please note, the hammam floor is slippery. You will have to walk carefully because you might risk injuring yourself if you slip or fall.



Exfoliation is an essential step in the hammam experience.
In Dar Daïf, the full session lasts 45 minutes.
Once installed in the warm room, and after having relaxed, particularly by lying on the slightly warm slab, you will coat your body with a layer of traditional black soap (brown paste composed of a mixture of oil and crushed black olives marinated in salt and potash). Twenty minutes later, rinse off with warm / hot water. The skin will thus be softened and degreased.

A female assistant for a woman, or a male assistant for a man, will then use the rough cloth glove called ‘Kiss’ to remove dead skin. If you feel too much roughness during the session, do not hesitate to talk to the assistant in order to adapt the gesture according to your sensitivity. After that you rinse off the dead skin cells with warm water. For shampoo, if it’s getting too hot for you, you can change the room or simply use lukewarm water for rinsing, you can also use hot or cold water in the shower.

You will then get to the relaxing part by lying down for a moment on the bench in the intermediate room. Do not hesitate to drink mineral water as it is important to rehydrate. Sometimes perspiration continues, then you will rinse again with cool water.

At the end of this practice, you will feel a new glow, a softness of the skin and an invigorating freshness. It is a privileged moment of relaxation and care.

If you have booked a massage session following the hamam (service only for women), before this session, we advise you to rest for 10 minutes and put on a bathrobe and fetch the massage room.


In Morocco, Henna is the recurring marker of festive moments, both traditional and religious. It is an inescapable symbol of embellishment that popular common sense likes to recall in the form of a known saying: “put on henna, and Allah will have mercy on you”


Hammam & Exfoliation

Women and Men

  • Morning
    € 21
    From 9h30 till 12h30

  • Evening
    € 23
    From 16h00 till 21h00

Massage with essential oils

Women only

  • Morning
    € 23
    From 9h30 till 12h30
  • Evening
    € 25
    From 16h00 till 21h00

Hammam, Exfoliation & Massage with essential oils

Women only

  • Morning
    € 36
    From 9h30 till 12h30

  • Evening
    € 40
    From 16h00 till 21h00

*€6 discount on Hammam or massage for children up to 17 years old