• Lounges and terraces

Establishing the necessary privacy arrangements for a quality stay for all of our guests is one of our priorities.

Families with children, groups of friends,couple or single, everyone is looking for a space to share a memorable sincere experience.

whether you are celebrating, reposing, meditating or creating , Dar Daïf make sure that you have always have a place to enjoy your activities.

  • Our terraces
  • Three terraces above the reception, catching the very first glows of the sun during winter or spring.
  • The garden on the ground floor has three separate parts
  • Three terraces on level 2, next the kitchen.
  • Two terraces on the third level.
  • Four private terraces in the junior suites and suites.
  • Our collective lounges
  • A lounge area on level 2, the kitchen’s lounge
  • Two separate lounge areas with doors on level 3 and three additional spaces.