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Taste the benefits of a traditional massage treatments using all natural products to perfect the relaxant and vivifying action of your Moorish bath.


History of Dar Daïf’s steam room

It was 20 years ago Zineb and Jean-Pierre began the restoration of this old ruin, for their own home. As soon as 2 rooms were habitable, they built this traditional brick steam room (Hammam). For having practiced the « popular Steam room (Hammam) », they wanted this steam room to be a « Beldi » type, which is friendly, spacious, respecting a number of pieces (3) to allow the different stages of adaptation to temperature and steam.

They have been inspired by the Volubilis steam room architecture made by a system of clay brick arches supporting the heated floor.

Steam room (Hammam) Dar Daïf heating technique

Our Hammam is « Beldi » (traditional).

Under the Steam room (Hammam) there is a wood and waste paper and cardboard oven, heating the steam room soil and walls.

In this warm room heated by the oven, a hot water tank, heated both by a solar panel and by the oven, create the steam.

Steam room (Hammam) interior composition

Entrance, waiting room (with toilet), room temperature

A changing and rest room (with shower and toilet): room temperature with high bench to rest sited or lied down.

An intermediate room: warm temperatures, low bench to rest sited and acclimatize to the heat.

A hot room: hot temperature. (The heat from soil heated by the furnace just below, adjacent to the hot tank)

Two water tanks: one cold and one boiling, as in a traditional Steam room (Hammam), you are mixing cold and boiling water in your own bucket until your perfect temperature.

It is easy to move from one room to another.

What kind of outfit?

To come to the steam room (Hammam): dressed, with clean clothes or bathrobe.

Inside the steam room (Hammam): swimsuit

Private Hammam

The steam room (Hammam) can be « privatized » upon reservation. As a couple, alone, with friends, your session is free (during opening hours).

Are there any age limitations?

Traditionally in Morocco, new-borns join in the warm steam room (intermediate room). From a few months, they can go in the hot room. Older people also use the steam room (Hammam). Of course moderation to the warm room is necessary, considering the ability of everyone to support the temperature.


Steam room (Hammam) hygiene?


– The exfoliating glove (rough fabric) is for single use and you are welcome to can keep it (for skin hygiene reasons).
We thought about a particularly hygienic space: Water flow through a central channel. The steam room is disinfected and rinsed after each session.

– Before the first meeting of scrub and after the last session in the evening, a larger disinfection is performed.

– Regularly a « super disinfection » is made: from the ground, to both hot and cold water tanks, the walls and the vault.

– Attention: in the steam room floor is often slippery, walk carefully (you could get hurt badly by falling).

Steam house (Hammam) with scrub

The scrub is performed by a woman for women and by a man for men.

Dress for the scrub: swimsuit, for reasons of hygiene and modesty.

We can lend shorts.

Scrub sessions can be several but not mixed.


How to use the Steam house (Hammam) for a scrub session?


  1. Stay inside the two first rooms to gradually get used to the temperature. And then move to the hot room.
  2. In the hot room it is advisable to sit on the floor 15 minutes to soften the skin with moist atmosphere and hot air. It’s also nice to lie on the warm slab to relax 10 minutes.
  3. Then coat your body with a layer of black soap (kind of dark brown paste. Completely natural substance obtained from a mixture of oil and crushed black olives and marinated in salt and potash) which is kept 20 minutes to help soften and degrease the skin.
  4. Then, rinse well with warm water
  5. Lie on the warm slab, this is the time when « scrub » begins.
  6. The person will perform the « scrub » with a glove in rough fabrics (Kessa) on all sides of your body. If there is pain, report the person, depending on your sensitivity. This is a great relaxing time in this atmosphere of light fog.
  7. Rinse with warm water of dead skin cells. You will be amazed of how much you will find the first session.
  8. Soap with a glove and a mild soap made of olive oil and Argan oil.
  9. Rinse with warm water.
  10. Shampoo (if you get too hot you can reach the warm room.)
  11. New rinse with warm water. You can use the shower to rinse you.
  12. Lie on the bench of the changing room and relax.
  13. Feel free to drink mineral water.
  14. Sometimes sweating continues. You rinse again with warm or cool water.

The result is an exceptionally soft and relaxed skin.

If you are decided to do a massage session, we advise you to do it after a scrub and after having rested for 10 minutes. You will find our cosy bathrobe to join the massage room or reach your room to relax, but remember to drink.

The massage

Massage performed on a massage table.

Massages with Argan assented essential oils (choice of eucalyptus, lemon, and lavender.).

Full body massage from head to toe.

We do not have yet a masseuse for men.

In Western culture, it is not usual to be body washed. These great moments of relaxation and leaser are the opportunity to discover this often overused crop by preconceived ideas, end up with yourself, with your body, a great moment of happiness for you and your children.


Steam room (Hammam) alone

Free depending on the steam room schedules

Steam room (Hammam) + Scubs

Massage with essential oils

Steam room (Hammam) + scrub + massage with essential oils

* Reduction of 3€ on the steam bath or massage for children up to 12 years

History of the hammam

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